#100 Days 4 Action

We did it! Thank you. We believe it is vital to hold our new Labour government to account from the get-go, specifically on climate change. Like many, we have seen countless promises on policies, actions and goals in the past year - but we often question ourselves, what will they deliver? We are demanding real transformative action during this newly sworn-in government's first 100 days. It is time for real change, to protect our people & our planet, for good.


From the launch of our 100 Days 4 Action campaign, we collated a list of demands for our Government's first 100 days, which on January 26th, we took to Parliament to demand that real climate action is taken, based on such demands. However, we needed YOUR help, we needed your demands, and we needed YOU to help us present them to Government on the 26th of January! And that's what we did. Together we were able to achieve what has been deemed in the past as unachievable, and it's thanks to you!


It's now time to make sure the Government commits to taking action on these demands (as seen below). So let's keep up the momentum, keep sharing your wishlist of demands, and keep pressuring the Government into taking on real, meaningful climate action & justice. The time time to act is now, time is running out.


Massive thanks to our Australian friends at schoolstrike4climate.com

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