7 City Councils Have Declared a Climate Emergency 

Around the country, SS4C are hard at work making one of our key demands happening: the nationwide declaration of a Climate Emergency.


We demand that Parliament acknowledges the magnitude of the climate crisis by declaring a climate emergency. This move will set the narrative for the urgent

pace at which we need to act on climate change, but must uphold our democratic

systems and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.


Currently, SEVEN councils across New Zealand have declared a Climate Emergency – Auckland, Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Nelson and Christchurch. 


There are 10 active petitions on Action Station to councils who have not yet declared a climate emergency, demanding they do so. If you haven’t signed your local petition yet, find it here: https://our.actionstation.org.nz/efforts/declare-a-climate-emergency


Here’s your chance to help us and the future of our world: share your local petition, and don’t hesitate to get involved with the campaign! 


This is our future, we need climate change to be treated like the emergency it is. We are close to getting the Government to declare a Climate Emergency, so let’s not hold back!