Global #ClimateStrike: May 24th

Join school students to strike for a safe climate!

To everyone who cares about a safe climate future, this is your open invite to join our school strike 4 climate - students standing up when our politicians won’t.

The Pacific is in the thick of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought and catastrophic bushfires in Australia. Severe cyclones and rising sea levels threatening people’s homes and livelihoods across the Pacific. Yet our politicians are not doing nearly enough.


So, on May 24th, school students are walking out of school to tell our politicians to take all of us seriously and start treating climate change for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to our generation and generations to come.


Everyone is invited. Tens of thousands of students across New Zealand, Australia and around the world will join us. If you’re an adult, take the day off and join us in solidarity!


See you on May 24th!