About School Strike NZ

We are students aged 8-18 from cities and towns in every corner of New Zealand, united by our concerns for our planet.

As the New Zealand movement of Greta Thunberg's strikes in Europe, we are striking from school to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis.


Climate change is the biggest problem that humanity is currently facing, and it is not being addressed quickly enough. 


In New Zealand, education is seen as immensely important, and a key to making a difference in the world. But simply going to school isn’t taking action against climate change. While we aren't (yet) climate scientists, we know that action from our politicians is not what it needs to be. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claimed that climate change is "our generation's Nuclear Free moment", and we believe that the government needs to start acting like it. 


So, as our contribution to the changes we want to see, we are striking from school. We are temporarily sacrificing our educations in order to save our futures.


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Don't hesitate to get in contact with us for any questions or queries you might have. Send a message to our Facebook Page, or email us at schoolstrike4climatenz@gmail.com.

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