School Strike 4 Climate NZ are holding a third climate action strike on September the 27th.


Parents, grandparents, teachers and adults of all shapes and sizes are invited to join us for the strike. Stand with us in demanding that our Government and elected members take urgent and meaningful action for the climate and our collective future! 


New Zealanders will be uniting with students from across the world once again but this time, in a week of climate action, starting on the 20th of September, with a major national and global strike following on Friday, 27th September.


Friday 20th of September will be a day of action for the climate. Across the following week, beginning on the 20th, regions around New Zealand will take action for the climate through tree plantings, online challenges, and events. Different cities and towns will decide what this will look like for their region.


This will build up to a major nationwide and global strike on the 27th of September for the general population to join with students in demanding climate justice.


We will not back down: we will continue to make our voices heard until all of our demands are met. Our representatives need to show us drastic and immediate action that safeguards our futures on this planet. Nothing else will matter if we cannot look after the Earth for current and future generations. This is our home.