Currently the Zero Carbon Bill is going through our parliament. The Bill is a credible chance to ensure we hit net zero emissions by 2050.


At School Strike 4 Climate we endorse the Bill, however, we believe it must be more ambitious as we cannot afford to let carbon emissions run rampant any longer.


And now we, the people of New Zealand, now have the power to make things right. 


The bill has gone through stage one, the first reading, and has now arrived in the hands of the environment select committee.The committee will debate the bill, and amend it to the likes of New Zealanders. 


And that’s where we come in. We have the chance to submit on the Bill and make it our own.


Make a submission


The Zero Carbon Bill (ZCB) is currently open for submission, and is until the 16th of July. The chance to shape the history of Aotearoa is in your hands. 


No matter your age or background, NOW is the time to have your say on the Bill that will shape our entire response to climate change and the future of our planet. 


Making a submission is one of the most direct things you can do to have an influence on climate action in New Zealand. 


If we want a liveable and protected future on our Earth, we must take part in this democratic process. The stakes have never been higher. 


Until the 16th of July 2019, you have the chance to submit on the bill. If you want to know how, check out the links below. 

How to submit


For an idea of what needs to be done, check out our guide to the ZCB, and make your submission from our website


For a handy submission guide with copy and paste template examples head to Gen Zero’s guide here


The SS4C zero carbon bill submission will be ready in the next few weeks. We will put this submission out so that people can add their name to it if they don’t have time to do their own submission. Keep an eye on our social media for that!


And if you want the message to go straight to the top, go directly to the Parliament website and make your submission, here:  

The Fate of the Planet Rests in Your Hands: Submit on the Zero Carbon Bill Before July 16th.