Join us on May 15. Strike 4 Climate.

Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity and responsibility to create a new normal - one which creates a planet we would all feel proud to pass on to future generations, by holding people and the planet at its center. We must show our leaders that there is still momentum and that thousands of New Zealanders are here, ready to walk alongside our political leaders on this journey to the more beautiful Aotearoa that we know is possible.


As 170,000 of us did in September last year, we will be taking to the streets again but in a way that protects and respects the mahi done by all New Zealanders over lockdown. We ask you to take to your driveway armed with chalk and your cardboard signs!

We want you to draw with chalk on your driveways, your vision for New Zealand. Whether it’s clean rivers, flourishing native forests, thousands of wind turbines, etc, we want you to draw it out to our leaders. Let’s show our leaders the kind of New Zealand we dream of.


As the youth of Aotearoa, it is important that the decision and projects that we put forward work around securing our generation a safe future. The children of New Zealand will be paying off the debt collected from the stimulus project. We demand that the leaders of today ensure us a safe future.

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15th May

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To all New Zealanders, join us

​We are striking from school to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis. 

We're calling on all New Zealanders to join us in striking for the climate on May 15th as the climate crisis puts everything at risk. 

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About Us

We are school students aged 8-18 from cities and towns across New Zealand. We are united by our concern about our planet.


We are striking from school to tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis.


Politicians can show us that they care by taking urgent action to move New Zealand beyond fossil fuels and get the job done of moving us to 100% renewable energy for all.

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